Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Getting started in Advertising

Most professionals in the advertising industry agree that obtaining a degree is not essential for the boot sector, but rather all the ads to ask at least a bachelor's degree. Another advantage of some is that if internship is taken during the course, provide an adequate experience that ad agencies and companies usually ask. stage manager 's universities can help in this regard. He may have links that can lead to a break in radio, television or even in an advertising agency, the choice depends entirely on the interest.

In the case of an internship is to assist the Director does not become part of the network and the people around you know. This will land somewhere. And 'bad habits of their search for an internship. Check the ads in local newspapers, radio and called the local television and even advertising agencies to ask for vacancies. Usually there are many ads in the Sunday editions of newspapers, the continued decline in their offices. The best idea is to get in contact with the plant manager or director of corporate news. Send them email, good references that can help a lot.

Usually there are many internship opportunities in the production department. If successful in finding an internship program, has brought to the attention of the director of training, probably the reference of some benefits. If these efforts do not work, volunteering for free at a local fair, functions and activities. Watch your creativity. This may draw the attention of important people can be a jump-start.

For those who do not vote for a traditional school, you can always find lots of material related to Internet advertising. In addition to studying the theory work, try the work of famous people to observe in the field. Get some ideas, mix with a little 'creative and make a number of original works and approach to local radio or television channel. Because there are a series of events will take place a sort of vacuum.

Also given the opportunity to cross-training. If initially a job with another show at the station in an attempt to switch to advertising after winning impression. After getting a rest period in advertising, it will automatically increase exposure to the advertising industry and other agencies. This will be a good place to go, because most employers be impressed by the experience of television. And when working on your first job, there will be a great opportunity to learn basic, so do not hesitate to visit the country. But because it is easier to find work here and there is much competition for this post, once again no good and no job security.

Having gained a good experience whether it be an internship or a local radio or television, CV is the next important step. Full of creativity that the main essence of this area. Do not forget to include the experience, although it is small or not clearly related to job descriptions, recommendations. The more you add, the more powerful and easier to maneuver over.

Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Low Cost Advertising

There is no better advertising campaigns a cheap and successful time. Great business ideas when used effectively can save lots of money. This is not only convenient for those working full time as an advertiser, but also for those who work from home.

Ads of the house is a low-cost option, which will create and distribute leaflets. Usually potential customers will visit your home to care of business. Print a fair number of folders and give it to anyone who visited the house, including family, friends, mailman, etc. Business cards can also be divided. Only a chosen few who may be samples of products. For those who work outside the home, hiring a student to distribute fliers at supermarkets, community centers, or malls, especially on weekends, when in a hurry.

Spread the word by mouth. Talk to everyone about your product and ask them to talk about with others. This is a very powerful tool to improve network and even no cost. By receiving regular visits from relatives and friends, do not forget to tell them about recent events, discounts and promotions and ask them about what they do. If the parties in business, it would not hurt to promote each other. Joint ventures can be started with familiar people from the same trade. Only costs that will arise throughout the process is printing brochures. For better quality, design professionals can be hired for them, because they will be able to play with colors and materials in writing to motivate.

Most companies have business bulletin board that they use to install the latest news. Flyers and business cards can be attached to the bulletin board. But before you do, contact the personnel department before the information as most HR departments the requirement to consult with them.

Parents are usually needed to get in touch with the teacher to know about the progress of their children and meeting from time to time. Do not miss this opportunity and spread the word. Give them a business card and personal brochures in meetings, not just a number.

Join in fundraising at the school because it was a good approach for the business market. For the distribution of the order received, collect all necessary information such as the packaging of the business cards, brochures, with adequate information. Information can be based on what the company about which products and services, or how to contact the company. In each individual order, carefully place all well and the package. Presentation is also very important and should be considered.

Voice mail can either, other than use a recorded message. They can help to deliver marketing messages. Greeted with a brief message, following with websites and email addresses, so calls are never to have a phone and they will be able to learn more about the company by visiting the website. If the company is offering special offers and discounts, including information about them on the ballot. Tasks may also communicate information about the product. Repetitive voicemails sound boring, so keep changing the voice mail regularly and add some creativity.

Most big businesses attach business cards or brochures with Night Mail. It worked for companies that send invoices to their customers. For those customers who pay online, they can send information via email.

Advertising can be done at that place, by placing flyers on the bulletin boards of local grocery stores, businesses, barbers, or butchers. People frequent these places and there is the possibility of getting a good response. Some companies place a jar on the reception cards can be imposed for the future when visiting them.

Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

The Power Words used in advertising

Word can only influence the minds of people but can completely change their perception limits a certain thing. Words have the power of persuasion to convince and to motivate. They are used by politicians, public relations, and also by the parents to convey their message. These words are like the words of power known and may wonder if it can be used in advertising.

New or improved words create a sense of curiosity. The customers get a feeling that the product is something else and try it before anyone else, I do not know other people have to get more leeway. The laundry was always promoted as new and improved years ago. Although it can be new or improved version of an already existing product, but the power of words and reinforces each product strength.

Take the line "money-back guarantee", helps the force of these words, win the trust of customers. And print a must for those words in a line of a listing closing meeting. After this set, the method of payment and how the money is refunded if the customer does not complacent.

However, while most successful advertising, a little-known secret that surely generated curiosity of the reader. The people are thirsty for knowledge, to know what others do not. You think we have some important information, because she is successful, in particular missing have achieved.

Insider Words 'say' as 'secret'. It provides detailed information on any experience that is unknown to the outside world and if the customer gives money, information about him.

Free word in the title of the message simply wonder. The reader easily absorbs the message, unless and until something actually delivered for free to the customer. With each change, if the company tricks the customer to raise money for something that should be free to pay it, they will immediately lose the trust of customers. Normally, the word free as FR ~ E posted on sites such as ISP blocking filter messages that the actual word that one form of spam.

It is a very important word in an ad can be used. It shows directly benefits the customer, when buying a particular product or service. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to get the points, the benefits and points to lower the interest rate note. The services should then be returned to the customer, dealing with "you." The customer believes that it directly.

The word "immediately" rings in an emergency. It can be interpreted as "Do not wait, get it now!" Lack of customers to take the necessary measures, motivated and fast.

Power in itself is a powerful word. Empowering consumers and see the magic. This gives the consumer the feeling that he of something that eluded him so far, and this would get him to think the impossible.

The key to successful advertising is to understand the needs of consumers and then according to the ad design. Just stating the advantages of using the product or service the company is not enough. Sentence shall be designed so that the customers the advantage of seeing the product. For example, if the advertising say for a digital camera, only that the camera built-in memory of 1 GB may not do the trick. Instead, the phrase "sufficient memory to be amended to photos or 350" Video 50 Save store. The solution for the customer is reflected in this sentence. The ideas can be drawn from the advertising of other brands, such as the sentences are written in an advertisement. After the sentence framing, adding the power of words, make the advertisement, is sure to be a winning campaign.

Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

A Successful Advertisement Characteristics

Many small businesses do not get the success of advertising he wants because of the availability of limited resources. The results are rather flat due to lack of good ideas for improvement. If the ads in a local newspaper or post hard copy of the famous magazine or on a website, invest the money, the desired result. There are some common mistakes that small businesses and professional service providers for planning and booking of advertising, leading to failure of the display.

Bigger is better is believed by many. This is exactly what some people think of small businesses when they want to advertise their product. They think bigger and select a medium in which they need much money to invest, but do not reach their target market. What if reserved for advertising design diet plans and want to help people, the poor performance of their individual diets HAD planned, and the company is a full page to select the local newspaper instead of an announcement made in a Health magazine is not apparently many of the dieters will notice, do not get the publicity and advertising for the attention you want.

So the point is to develop the best campaign, the probability that the ad will increase and try to always have the right customers for the product to buy or subscribe to the service. Studies and research can be carried out in the market and the audience may be limited. Once the growing list of newspapers, magazines and periodicals for customers in mind, as many readers have and the asking price for placing the ad. Special offers are offered by them from time to time and can only be found by watchful eye.

It is estimated that people are exposed daily to about three thousand commercials. This is a huge number, and if someone wants to be noticed, is certainly different. Not only the services and products to sell is unique in the market should be in the display. For example, if a company Verkoop mattresses, said: "We sell mattresses," is not a statement and will be advertising like any other mattress can be passed. But if you say: Our mattresses are of high quality, "she is the display stand out from the crowd. Other lines are approaching" You suffer from back pain? You've probably try our mattresses are accurate and the imagination of people who suffer from back pain for a long period of arrest. The display must also focus on the specific product and how it is better than competing products.

Attention to customer problems and provide a solution for them is what a customer needs. A customer buys a product, they buy benefits in the form of a product. The real value of the product must be realized and a clear framework to be presented to the customer, will be in a position related with the product. If the indicator shows, the solution that the customer will never know. Sole focus on the customer's problem, missing a few ads.

The last thing missing from most of advertising is the motivation for the customer. If the advertiser has designed the ad and the customer had read the advertisement, all efforts and money invested is wasted if you do not get up and do something about it. You should not assume that the customer knows what to do, but the screen was the influence of the customer's mind and tell him what to do. Calling the measure is the final task of advertising. You should call for information or visit the store or online shop to visit. The message must be clear and good faith.

Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

Women in Advertisements

Showing female models in advertising began with ads for products such as alcohol and sex. This trend then spread like wild fire on the broad market and is still widely used even though exaggerated. It has been absolutely a nice model for all types of ads that sometimes appear superfluous. They seem to sell everything from cars gel.

Many women say that women's rights activist, is projected to be the only object by those ads. But the hard truth is that the ads for women of all ages with influence on the audience and the advertisers are aware of. ad begins with a woman in seductive poses interesting ways by the product or service offered by the company followed. The beauty of the model that has attracted customers, so advertisers do not have to be in more trouble to motivate them.

But there are certain shortcomings in the use of female models in some of the ads, and if consumers are smart enough, it will not take with him to make it happen. This is completely irrelevant for female models and actresses in the ads promoting the products of men listed. Some good examples of this point shows a woman in the commercial deodorant body axes and the ratio of naked women to one part of the body. The second error is due to more concentration on the model, the attention of the product is not enough. The focus of advertising is lost.

Surprisingly, only a few male models to advertise male-oriented products. Even the image of a woman on the commercial Internet is not logical to a certain degree, because thirty percent of the Internet seventy percent of the female and male Internet users worldwide. Can add, advertisers do not explain why beautiful bodies bring to the success of the ad.

could leave Ads convincing and motivational tool, a profound impact on the minds of the public have an important role in shaping the culture and attitude. Broad and detailed descriptions, the women are reduced in this way their image just to an object of passion. The focus is only on the physical beauty of women like functions, the curves of the body. After the commercial was shot with graphics technology, no imperfection, that the way the body a signal that people are meant to last just perfect for the use of the product.

These companies have a moral responsibility in society. These ads have a negative impact on society and the problems of female education. The main effect of the pain, the pressure on women in the committees was to get almost perfect. They are so busy that an unhealthy way to take the targets. They are the development of eating disorders, their health is affected, sometimes irreparable damage. And people who never reached that point yet, get face humiliation and ridiculed by all around them. This leads to depression and other mental disorders in the long term.

According to the survey and the survey, most women swear that their advertisement shown lower use and do not trust themselves as attractive as the images, the perfect woman in advertising. In America think, seventy-five percent of healthy women, they are overweight. Half the female population suffer from a certain type of diet program and nearly ten million women under severe eating disorders. Fashion models weigh 23 percent less than the average weight of an ordinary woman.

Advertising is not lost on the beaten women. Especially after shave lotion commercial background voice says that it is important to learn martial arts, because a man is, the company's products to women would be interested, and will overthrow him. By the end of the commercial, they show a male model female model, who seem to have kicked some interest in him. This is the relegation of women to the lowest level of respect.

After all these risks to identify female viewers as the weaker sex. Some people claim that decide the men are valuable. Conducted via the exposure of women as sex objects to a case of physical violence and rape. The majority of women the wrong way they get stick figures, which causes the disease, sometimes leading to death. And the greatest of these is caused by the ads pour into the lives of innocent people. Marketing ethics should be built to improve the status of women in society and to respect them, but not to lose.

Senin, 31 Mei 2010

Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding is a method of advertising the services of a celebrity used to promote a product or service, with the help of her fame and status in society. This method has several approaches, it simply a celebrity, who may participate in a commercial and the celebrity will be signed to participate in events to promote. Another method is to start a product line bearing his name as a trademark. Perfume and clothing, the main product lines with a promotion. All the top actors, singers and models are known for their names to a particular brand or products under license. Jennifer Lopez launched her own line of clothes a while ago, the designer clothes of her personally designed functions.

A customer buying behavior is mainly influenced by famous people. Marketing experts, associative learning principles, analysis of the lifestyle of the celebrities correctly attributed to the brand that they perfectly described. Your fashion sense, appeal, awareness, awareness and image should be dealt with carefully review the legal community service or product. Repetition, blocking, CS pre-exposure, extinction to overshadow that membership and club size are the principles on the basis of the analysis, such as the famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai in India, beautiful eyes, the campaign was chosen for the eyes fundraising project. Some of the celebrities are known for their various familiar voice. This concept of voice-over method resulted in advertising. Their voices just attracting customers, when used in a commercial.

Today uses nearly twenty percent of the advertising industry celebrities. A celebrity is mandatory for many products and brands to endorse a time. Each time a different picture of the celebrity will be projected to the public. The company must take into account the previous identity and play accordingly. Designing a different person each time to the interests of customers serviced, while the two identities do not conflict with each other. The captain of the English soccer star David Beckham has endorsed many products. While advertising for Gillette, was given his preference for the hairstyles and he got a bald look. In the campaign for the police passion for fashion was heavily decorated and all over David Beckham was seen pictured.

If a celebrity is not comfortable with different each time he or she is a picture or logo of its own, each time they used to advertise a particular product can be assigned to it. The logo can reflect the personality of the celebrities, such as the font can be stylish and fashionable, not with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, a logo of JLO, which is used is made to advertise, perfume and even clothing line of her own. Another advantage of this approach is that the brand is still attractive to the masses, has lost even after the celebrity, or if they do not see her visual recognition and AIDS is not necessary in the long term negotiations. VIP logo bears the style and attitude.

Millions of dollars are invested by the distributors to the advertising support of the Superstars, every year. Davie Brown has an entertainment agency dedicated to the purpose of selecting a celebrity for a product. You should mark not only judge a celebrity of his caliber consumer affinity and impair the taste, but also the design of advertisements for the celebrities in their characteristic.

Advertising in Yellow Pages

Some people believe that yellow pages get no answer, do as other methods of advertising and that is true to some extent, but not all. When talking about traditional yellow pages, it is safe to a decrease in the number of people who are on the advertising for them. According to a recent report, the same ad more attractive in a particular section is not always the answer from the other person as they get used before. In contrast, the rates for ad placement on the lists in a place that talks are another story.

In fact, we see different prices for different categories of decline. Like the lawyers category is seeing the maximum decline, while the section of the emergency service has the same call rate. And sections like mobile phones, furniture and homes see an increase due to increasing customer demands. Change the size of the ad or ask to change attitudes can not anymore.

Experts suspect that the confidence in the yellow pages get the Customer is not enough. Other options should also be considered along with it. With the Internet reaches every home, used almost half of all Internet users, the network every day. They prefer to buy things online from the comfort of home. The research should be conducted on the Internet in order to obtain opinions about the product. People online, as a rule, decide no, why buy shop online as information at a click of the mouse made available. It is easier for people to trust that customers have the product be used to give your opinion about the product after use.

A relatively new concept is the yellow pages going online. The good thing about them is that they are updated frequently, unlike the printed directories and can be seen from anywhere in the world. Surveys show that the increased response of 25 percent per year. So if your interested in investing in online Yellow Pages advertising can think of to go. Directories of search engines submitted, what if a keyword or phrase to results lead type. Small businesses and local authorities can also put on the pages of the result of the country. The cost of creating a website can be saved if all relevant information is included on the company's online yellow pages. Stay adjusted for the date to renew the directory listing, and if you change the ad, not a big problem in the online yellow pages need. Some sites offer starter on the advertisement in your Yellow Pages for free space. Find out in these pages for the Internet.

Large businesses can start their own websites and place links in the yellow pages online. Articles can be framed about the business, and ezines, and websites are submitted in connection with the business. Some sites you may also post items for free. The purpose of the yellow pages is basically to get potential customers, but this does not mean that existing customers should be neglected. To be taken to strengthen the relationship with them and keep your confidence, maintaining the quality of delivered products. Once they are fully satisfied, higher prices will not interfere, and they will talk about the company to people they know that to get new customers.

The goal is to work with intelligence, and choose the right method of advertising. If a company is not another way of advertising than the use of yellow pages, which can lead to problems and what does not sell the products. Analyze how much money is spent on placing ads in directories and estimate whether the amount of business customers who have been desirable. Whenever a call is received from potential customers, ask them how they know about the company. This will help to analyze which advertising method is ideal for business travelers. Never too late to correct the error and correct to the method.